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Our Management

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Our founder, Jack, has been active in the Hospitality industry for 2 decades, spanning Asia Pacific and China. Brimming with entrepreneurial spirit, Jack has made himself known to create new roles, to steer the team from conventional approach and improvises with innovative concoctions.


Mabel has been in the hospitality service industry for 2 decades. As a Business Partner taking charge of the Talent Acquisition and Human Capital Management, she drives it with passion and is devoted to the development of the business. 


Sunny has over 20 years of engineering experience. He brought over not just his valuable insights to the engineering department but also his dedication and passion for his work. Topping that, he is also our senior and mentor to many of his colleagues. 

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(Financial Controller)


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(Team Leader)


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(Team Leader)



(Team Leader)


Our Partner Consultants 

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Leslie has been practicing in the Building and Facilities Management industry for 38 years. He has been institutionalizing trainings to enhance service outcomes to better match customer expectations. In the last few years, Leslie has been delivering specialized Consultancy services to enable customers to align the strategic plans of the built assets to their business needs.





Winny is a TCM Health Management Practitioner, WSQ Spa Therapist, ACTA Trainer,  she is an authorized trainer to conduct Prof Zhang's TCM Holographic Guasha Courses in Singapore and other regions. In addition, she is the Vice-Chairperson of the TCM Committee of Skin Scraping Therapy which oversees the global opportunity of promoting TCM Holographic Guasha. 

Technical Consultant

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Mr. Udayakumar has 20 years of experience in electrical works in Singapore. He contributes his extensive knowledge on electrical fields and his know how to De-lifestyle by providing proper direction to De-lifestyle Electrical Team. De-lifestyle Engineering Team gets technical advices and guidance from Technical advisor thru their Electrical task to accomplish their tasks efficiently and safely.



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Our Assets

Engineering Team

Housekeeping Team

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Our Partners

     M.K. Consultant Pte. Ltd

DE-Real Estate and Investment consultancy team collaborates closely with M.K. Consultant as the certified team has brought along their expertise in investment opportunities. The professional team specialises in all facets of Real Estate business, approaching business ventures and upcoming opportunities that encompass all aspects that assures the clients' needs are met.

With a full decade of experience, M.K. Consultant offers a complete portfolio of real estate services, including sales and leasing of commercial and residential properties, investment sales and acquisitions, projects sales and marketing, property consultancy, mortgage services, interior decoration and design, and relocation services. We conduct research studies and valuation surveys upon request. Our team also advises individuals and corporates on growth strategies and real estate investment opportunities in current and new markets. 


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